Silk 7Nx Hearing Aid Financial Assistance Program

Silk 7Nx Hearing Aid Financial Assistance Program

$ 1,047.50$ 2,412.00

(Pair $2,095)

Included with Your Purchase

✔ 65 Day Trial
✔ Free Shipping USA
✔ International Shipping $35.00
✔ Interest-Free Financing Options
✔ Direct From Signia No Middle Man
✔ Follow-Up Care with Hearing Consultant
✔ Unlimited Personalized Programming
✔ Personalize Hearing Aid Features To Your Lifestyle


✔ Nearly Invisible
✔ Easy To Insert
✔ Extremely Comfortable


Silk 7Nx Financial Assistance Program Colors

Signia Silk CIC 7

Signia 7 Nx Comparison

Signia 7nx

What’s Included:

  • 2 Brand new hearing aids
  • Free Programming
  • Follow up hearing aid call
  • 2 Packs of hearing aid batteries
  • 1 Pack of click sleeves with a sample of different sizes
  • 1 Hearing aid case with a cleaning kit
  • 1-year loss and damage warranty

What’s Included In Hearing Aid Cleaning Kit:

This Universal hearing aid cleaning kit will help keep your ears & hearing aids clean and maintained. This is not only hygienic but is also cost-effective as it can avoid costly repairs & replacement.
How to use the cleaning kit items?
Our kit includes 6 pieces of hearing aid cleaning supplies and a carrying case. Two types of brushes make it easy to clean out wax and skin debris, with wax loops for stubborn hard reach debris. A magnet for removing those small batteries. Vent pick for cleaning out the vents. Steel pick and small screwdriver for any hard to reach wax. Machine washable microfiber cloth to wipe and maintain these tiny marvels against earwax, dirt, and moisture.
  • Cleaning Picks/Vent Cleaner
  • Steel Pick
  • Screw Driver
  • Multi-Functional Tools
  • Brush and Wax Loop
  • Micro Fiber cloth
  • Hearing Aid Case

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Why We Sell Signia Silk 7nx Hearing Aids At Such A Low Amount?

Bundling VS Not Bundling With Signia Silk 7nx Price

At Hearing Benefit Services, our prices are transparent and an affordable hearing aid philosophy with unbundled pricing. Many patients/customers are unaware of the pricing strategies adopted by hearing aid vendors. Most hearing aids are marketed and sold with a bundled pricing structure. This means that the prices of the hearing aids themselves are inflated in exchange for the bundling of “free” services.

Additional “Free” Bundled Hearing Aid Services:

  • Hearing Aid Test
  • Hearing Aid Fitting
  • Hearing Aid Programming
  • Hearing Aid Re-programming
  • Real Ear Measurement (REM)
  • Follow-up Visits
  • Quick Hearing Aid Repairs
  • Hearing Aid Checks
  • Hearing Aid Cleanings
Each appointment equals time and time is money. Audiologist calculate the amount or hour estimate to be spent in the future plus marking up the hearing aid price from the manufacture.  The mark-up of the hearing aids can be significant (up to 3-fold) and hearing aid vendors often justify this exorbitant price-hike by bundling in “free” services. This is how some hearing aid vendors can offer significant “discounts” on their hearing aids and still make a sizeable profit. At Hearing Benefit Services, we adopt a fully transparent and fair pricing policy. Our hearing aids are unbundled from our hearing services. This way, our customers can decide fairly if they want the hearing aids with or without a variety of hearing services.
Another advantage of unbundling the hearing aids price is that the hearing aids often come out FREE if you have insurance, with bundeling price you still have a remader balance after insurance pay. If you have insurance we will  call to see you have benefits and also help you get reimbursed. Just call us with insurance card number 800-346-4112,

Signia Silk 7Nx CIC Hearing Aids

As one of the world’s smallest hearing aids, the Siemens Signia Silk Nx CIC (Completely-in-Canal) hearing aids sit invisibly within the ear for unparalleled discretion. These sophisticated hearing aids were released by Siemens in 2018. Despite their minute size, the Signia Silk 7Nx CIC hearing aids deliver an impressive hearing experience without compromising on comfort. Siemens Signia Silk 7Nx Hearing AidsThis is because they have silicone sleeves which allow for adjustability by a hearing aid professional on the spot. These silicone sleeves click onto the hearing aids themselves and are securely positioned in the ears. The Siemens Signia Silk 7Nx CIC hearing aids are powered by a size-10 battery which requires changing every 3-5 days depending on frequency and duration of use. They are available in two colors – black and mocha.

Siemens Signia Silk Nx 7 CIC Features:

  • 48 Channel Hearing Aids
  • 20% smaller than the Silk Primax, their previous generation of instant fit CIC
  • Wireless transmission of audio signals from one hearing aid to the other for a synchronised hearing experience
  • Tinnitus Therapy Signals with mixed-mode option. Five static noise to choose from
    • Notch Therapy Session available through Advanced Live Programming
    • You can have sound therapy without the need to do advanced live programming
  • Binaural OneMic directionality focuses on the speaker in front of the wearer while reducing background noise
  • Vented Click Sleeve Ensures ventilation to the ear and enhances wearing and listening comfort
  • If you’re a current ITE or CIC user, in comparison these click sleeves offer a significant upgrade in comfort
  • Nearly invisible design for discreet wearing

What’s The Big Deal With The Signia Silk Nx?

Signia Silk CIC hearing aids are one of the first CICs with both directional and Omni microphones. Generally, CICs are Omni, which means that it picks up all the sounds without a specific target to amplify. If you want this feature you are forced to have a BTE behind the ear type hearing aid to have the directionality technology. Not anymore these Silk 7Nx offers Binaural OneMic directionality which focuses on the speaker in front of the wearer while reducing background noise. They offer incredible sound quality and speech understanding for such a small device.
The best part, there’s no need for impressions for these CIC hearing aids.
Signia Silk CIC Features

Signia Silk 7Nx For Single-Sided Deafness

The Signia Silk 7Nx CIC hearing aids are also suitable for those with single-sided deafness with CROS and Bi CROS. This is because the hearing aids are capable of cross-wireless transmission of audio signals. The end result is equal hearing all around. These hearing aids are suitable for those with mild to moderate hearing loss, and are not a great option for those with severe to profound hearing loss.

Traditional and Advanced Programming

Free Traditional Programming and Reprogramming: Your hearing aids will always be programmed to your hearing test and lifestyle. Because hearing is subjective and a different experience to everyone we offer free reprogramming. After wearing your hearing aids a week and you feel that you need some adjustments, no problem. We schedule a call with a hearing consultant and we gather information to see how we can make personalized adjustments that will help you may receive the most benefit.

Why Would You Need Reprogramming Or Adjustments?:

Most people don’t need these advanced options but if you need it we got it. This is generally for unique shape canals, challenging audiograms with severe dead spots in hearing loss, or simply very specific subjective hearing situations you want to be adjusted. For example, sometimes people need to make an adjustment because they may be more sensitive to sound or the opposite some prefer more power/bass sound. This is why we offer reprogramming options to personalize the hearing aids to what you specifically need. Whatever the outcome of your specific situation, we are here to make sure you get the best-customized hearing care.

Programming Options

  • Traditional Reprogramming (Free included in every hearing aid purchase): First we schedule a hearing aid programming call with a hearing consultant requesting the specific changes after wearing hearing aids. We fill out a form to personalize to your specific environments and unique requests. After the hearing reprogramming phone call, you ship the hearing aids so we make adjustments as requested. You pay for the shipping to us, we pay for the shipping back (unless it’s international).
  • Live Advanced Programming (X2) is an additional cost ($299) that can be bought anytime during your hearing aid life. This is for people that need live advanced tuning for certain environments. The best part is that you don’t have to ship their hearing aids to get them adjusted. This live programming session would be like being in a hearing office with your personal hearing specialist in the comfort of your own home. We will be making adjustments while you’re wearing the hearing aids. This is great if you have tinnitus because the live session let us find which specific frequency you have tinnitus so we may mask it. All you need is an internet connection and access to a desktop/laptop. If you don’t have a laptop we will ship one to you.
  • Process: Two live programming sessions First programming session to personalize specific environments and a 2nd follow up session to confirm that the adjustments helped, if more adjustments needed then we will do so in that 2nd session.
Hearing aids can be controlled with a smartphone app. We will give you instructions and a number to call if you may need help pairing with your smartphone. The Silk Nx does not stream music, only the RIC/BTE in the Nx platform has that feature

Signia Silk 7nx Price At Hearing Benefit Services

Silk 7Nx – $1,048 Per Hearing Aid ($2,095 Pair)

 The  Signia Silk 7nx price is $1,048 per hearing aid which is half the cost you will see at any audiology or hearing practice. You can add on insurance to the rechargeable hearing aid anytime, even the day it needs repair.

Payment Options For Signia Silk 7nx

There are various hearing aid payment plan option with Hearing Benefit Services. We have options for everyone, wheater you have good credit, bad credit, international, or no funds at all, we are here to help. This is our goal at Hearing Benefit Services

  • Credit Card
  • Pay pal
  • Care Credit Financing – Quick hearing aid financing click here. Approved instantly no need to wait for the funded, its funded instantly. Interest free options available.
  • Pay Later Interest Free– Klarna – Choose this option when checking out of our site

Finance Hearing Aids Without Long Application Process

We have integrated Klarna into our very own website for all the hearing aids and services listed on the website – what this means, is that you have the option of an interest-free financial plan Hearing Aids Financing Options(if paid in full within 12 months) or an extended plan over 18 to 36 months depending on the amount loaned. Another advantage of using Klarna through our checkout process is that we handle the processing for you, thereby bypassing the loan process that you would otherwise have to take.

Please see the video to see how easy it is to finance hearing aids without applying or go through the usual process with having to put all your personal information on a application. In the event of a non-approval, there are still 3 other financing solutions available that will approve you, we call it hearing aid financing bad credit options!

Steps To Financing Hearing Aids Through Website Check-Out

If you would like buy hearing aids though our website, you can to easily checkout and finance simultaneously with a click no application needed
1. Go to hearing aid shop page
2. Pick a hearing aid or service
3. Click on “add to cart”
4. Click on “check-out”
5. Fill out shipping information
6. Click on “next step”
7. Click on Klarna
8. Click the monthly financing option you wish ( Monthly or 0% Interest)
9. Click “place order”

Video Transcript For Signia Silk 7nx Review

“ I’m talking about one of the smallest full-featured hearing aids on the market, the Signia Silk Nx, coming up.
The vast majority of hearing aids that are fit today are the receiver-in-canal style. However, there has been a push to make these devices as invisible as possible by taking them off of your ear and sticking them all inside of your ear canal. These types of devices have been around for a while, but you generally have to get a custom ear mold impression or you have to get a deeply-seated device that stays in your ear canal for up to three months at a time.

Signia Silk 7Nx Reviews

Consumer demand for invisible hearing aids has forced hearing aid manufacturers to make their hearing aids smaller and better performing than ever before. Recently Signia, formerly known as Siemens, released their Silk Nx line of invisible, completely in-the-canal hearing devices, and I find these devices impressive for three main reasons.

Three Main Reason Why Dr. Cliff Gives Signia Silk 7Nx A Great Review

#1 Ready to Wear
The Silk Nx devices do not require a custom ear mold impression like most other invisible hearing aids.These devices actually use what are called click sleeves. So you can identify the correct size of sleeve for your ear canal and you can have that instant fit capability. I’m gonna take the right one and put it in my ear so you can essentially see what it looks like when you have it in place. There we go. I’ve got in and that’s what it looks like when you have it inside of your ear. Essentially, it’s completely invisible. Unless you tell someone to look inside of your ear,they will not see this device
Siemens Signia Silk 7Nx Hearing Aids#2 Wireless Connectivity
And typically one thing that you give up when you have invisible hearing aids is the ability to connect with other wireless devices. However, with the Touch Control app on your Apple or Android device, you can control your hearing instruments without the need for any additional hardware. It lets you change programs and adjust the volume by your phone emitting a high-frequency tone that adjusts your Silk devices. The app is free to download from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
Signia Silk 7nx Smallest One Sided Hearing Aid
Another great thing about the wireless connectivity is that they actually connect to a Silk CROS. So basically what it looks like is this is a hearing aid, and this is a CROS device. So you can take this CROS device, if you have single-sided deafness, you can put it in your non-hearing ear and you can send all of the sound from that side of your head over to the hearing aid that is on your better hearing ear. It is the smallest CROS option that you could possibly have.
#3 Full-Featured Hearing Aids
These are not the cheapo little devices that you will see advertised on Facebook (like the nano scam)  or that you’ll see on eBay that cost $150, $200 bucks. Those are just digital sound amplifiers They just take all sound and make it louder. They are not customizable in any way, whereas the Silk Nx devices are completely customizable to your hearing loss prescription.
Hearing Aids Identify Your Environment
They also have the capability to communicate ear to ear, and what I mean by that is that they share information about the environment that you’re in. So the hearing aids can actually identify the type of environment. They can better identify where the main speech source is so it will improve your ability to understand speech and noise.
Siemens Signia Silk 7Nx Hearing AidsSignia Silk 7nx Telecare
The other thing that’s really exciting about these full-featured devices is that they are Telecare ready. So if you want to have adjustments made remotely on your hearing devices from the comfort of your own home, you can actually have your hearing care provider make those djustments while they’re at their office and you’re inside your living room.
Signia Silk 7nx Cons
Now there are two things that I think that you do sacrifice by going with these devices. Number one is that they do not fit as perfectly as a custom ear mold device. And when you have a custom ear mold impression done of your ear canal, that device that you get back is exactly right for your exact ear canal size and shape.
Not Great For Unique Shaped Ear Canal
So if you have a very unique shaped ear canal, these devices might not work for you as well as one that is custom done. The second thing is that you can’t control the vent size. Vent size is extremely important for certain types of hearing loss. If you want to control the amount of sound going into the ear and prevent a certain amount of leakage, then you need to make sure that you have the exact size vent that is necessary to achieve that. And with devices, you only have completely open and completely closed; there is no in between. So if your hearing loss dictates that you need a variable size vent, you won’t be able to go with these devices and you’ll have to go with a custom one.
Signia Silk Nx Overall Review
Overall, I really like the Signia Silk Nx hearing aids. After all, they are full-featured hearing aids that don’t require a custom ear mold impression.They have wireless capabilities and they have the ability to use CROS.If you ask me, that’s impressive.
REM (Real Ear Measurements)
Just remember, no matter how good your hearing aids are, they will not perform up to their full capabilities unless you have real ear measurement performed on them. Now if you don’t know what real ear measurement is, then I highly recommend that you watch my video that I will link in the card up here and in the description below because it is the only way to ensure that your hearing aids are programmed appropriately to your hearing loss prescription.”

In-home Fitting & Adjustments Option

Only available for people living in Oahu, Hawaii.  If you’re not an Oahu resident please schedule a free telecare fitting  or adjustment appointment with the link below. For more information about the in-home fitting, please see this link

Schedule Your Hearing Appointment Now

Raise Funds for Signia Silk 7Nx

Cant get approved for financing and don’t have the funds? Raise the funds with GoGetFunding. GoGetFunding  is donation funding where people donate money so you may receive your hearing aids for FREE without the need for hearing aid financing. GoGetFunding is easy and we will help promote your GoGetFunding page on our Facebook so your posting will get noticed. GoGetFunding works no matter where you are in the world.
Need help setting up your funding profile? Set up a appointment and we will walk you through how to set up a account and help you with  hearing aid funding

We also  promote it on our Facebook fan page. Our goal is to help you to hear any way you can.  Here are the hearing aid funding steps. –>

Call Us If You Have Any Questions

If you have any questions about a product please give us call at 1800 346 4112 or you can set up a time to call here:

I need an invisible device. Is Signia Silk 7 Nx really the right solution for me?

With its high level of discretion (20% smaller than its predecessor), the new Silk 7 Nx is “practically invisible”.

Can I control my Silk 7 Nx hearing aids remotely?

We offer a direct and very convenient remote control of your Silk 7 Nx hearing aids via our Signia app, which is freely downloadable onto your smartphone.

I do not have any smartphone. Is there a remote control possibility for Silk 7 Nx other than an app?

Yes, Our miniPocket accessory also provides a highly convenient remote control.

Can I stream phone calls, music and/or TV directly into my Silk 7 Nx hearing aids?

With the Twin Phone functionality we offer, activated via the Signia app or miniPocket accessory, you can hear a phone call in both hearing aids if your phone will be held close to one hearing aid. Music and TV streaming are not supported.

I have hearing loss in one ear, only. Do you have an “invisible” solution for me?

Yes, You can use Silk 7 Nx together with CROS Silk accessory. They are compatible with each other and provide the best hearing quality together with highest discretion.

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