Pure Charge And Go 3AX

Pure Charge And Go 3AX

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  • Overview: AX separates the (speech) from surroundings, creating a clear contrast between the two, this makes it easier to follow conversations in background noise. Powerful rechargeable RIC aid with T-Coil option, two processors, modern design, long-lasting rechargeable cell, acoustic motion sensors, and newest Bluetooth features that allow direct streaming calls, music, TV from your iPhone or Android phone directly to your ears.
  • Quick Features: Ultimate background noise adjustment features, Rechargeable, Long lasting 24 hours charge, 36 hours Charge with T-Coil, Two Processors dedicated to Speech Clarity and Environment Surroundings, Rocker Switch, allows you to control hearing aids without needing a smartphone if you don’t have one, Tinnitus, Twin Phone, Direct Streaming, TeleCare Abilities, iPhone and Android Compatible, Ultra HD e2e, Acoustic Motion Sensors, Automatic Directionality, Dynamic Soundscape Processing, Premium Sound Clarity, Own Voice Processing, Mask Mode, 3-Year Warranty.

โœ” Personalize Hearing Aid Features To Your Lifestyle
โœ” 3 Year Repair Warranty with Loss/Damage
โœ” Charger Included ($250 value)


Signia X Feature Chart w Essentials 2020

Pure Charge & Go AX Consumer Brochure

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