Advanced Hearing Aid Programming With Live Telecare Option

Advanced Hearing Aid Programming With Live Telecare Option

$ 89.00$ 299.00


Signia and Rexton Hearing Aid Programming & Adjustments

Are you getting the most out of your hearing aid investment? If you have bought hearing aids new or used, locally or from another place online and we can adjust or program your hearing aids. There are several options that can benefit you by personalizing your hearing aids to your very specific lifestyle. If you bought hearing aids from us, this service is free!

Why Consider Buying a Hearing Aid Programming Service?

Everyone with hearing loss is different. Even if everybody wearing hearing aids had the same age, gender, and hearing loss audiogram the hearing aids would still be programmed differently. Why? Because everyone has different lifestyles and perceive sounds differently.Β 

The main reason an individual buys hearing aids is to amplify the specific sounds that they want to hear. Some specific sounds or hearing aid programming requests can include but not limited to reducing f’s an s’s, increase women’s voices, more directionality in noisy environments, reduce reverberation or hearing a grand child’s voice.Β 

Hearing aids are very complicated and one size does not fit all. Premium hearing aids are extremely complex and it’s not as simple as just increasing and decreasing the volume.

Why Do We Offer Hearing Aid Programming Services?

Signia hearing aid software is so sophisticated most people are satisfied with its automatic recommendations. Hearing aid programming is not necessary but definitely recommended especially if you feel you can hear better than you hear now. Unlike most hearing specialist Hearing Benefit Services offers unbundled pricing which means you pay for what you need.Β Β 

The question is…….

Do you think you can hear better than you do now?Β 

If the answer is yes, then you need this service.

How Does It Work? What Are My Options?

We have two hearing aid programming and adjustment options.Β 

  1. Advanced Traditional Hearing Aid Programming
  2. Advanced Live Hearing Aid Programming

Traditional Advanced Programming/Adjusting $89

Free with all hearing aid purchases, we only charge if you have not bought hearing aids from us.

Process: First, you fill out a questionnaire or we schedule a hearing aid programming call with a hearing consultant. Our goal is to learn specific changes and unique requests to optimize your hearing.Β  After we gather information, you ship the hearing aids to us. You pay for the shipping to us, we pay for the shipping back (unless it’s international). If you want us to add hearing aid insurance on the shipping back that would be an additional charge of $15

Benefits of Traditional Advanced Programming:

  • Start using the hearing aid features you paid for but have not been using
  • Add tinnitus sound therapy
  • Replace environmental programs you’re not using
  • Personalize programs so you notice a difference
  • Improve directionality
  • Decrease wind sound
  • Reduce voice
  • Take out echo
  • Take out the tinny sound
  • Activate hearing loop
  • Get the most out of your hearing aids
directionality hearing aid programming

Live Advanced Programming (X2) $299

The live advance programming sessions would be like being in a hearing practice with your personal hearing specialist in the comfort of your own home. Live advance programming comes with an initial session and a follow up to confirm you have seen results. You can buy anytime during your hearing aid life whether you bought hearing aids from us or somewhere else. We will be making adjustments while you are wearing the hearing aids. The best part is that you don’t have to ship the hearing aids to get them adjusted.Β  All you need is an internet connection and access to a desktop or laptop (the session does not work it you have a Mac or Apple) If you don’t have a laptop we will ship one to you. The two-session service costs $299.

Process: Two Live Hearing Aid Adjustment Programming Appointments.

The first programming session is to personalize the specific changes you want. Do you feel like your in a tunnel, voice too loud, sounds are a little too sharp or tinny? Whatever it is we can make adjustments to make sure the sound is just right. TheΒ  2nd appointment is simply a follow-up session 3 days to a week after the 1st hearing aid appointment programming session. This appointment is to confirm that the adjustments helped and the hearing aids have benefited you. If more adjustments are needed then we will make further adjustments in 2nd programming session.

Benefits of Advance Live Programming That You Can’t Do With Traditional

  • No Shipping Cost
  • Activate Own Voice Processing –Β  All of Signia hearing aids have a new technology called OVP- Own Voice Processing.Β  Most first time hearing aid users feel their voice is extremely abrasive, which is normal. This technology helps you get used to the sound of your voice quicker and it gives you a more natural-sounding voice.Β Β 
  • Tinnitus Notch Therapy– Activate Tinnitus Notch Therapy with live advance programming. This is not to be confused with sound therapy which can be done with traditional hearing aid programming. What is Tinnitus Notch Therapy? In this session, we find the specific frequency that you have your tinnitus. Once we find the frequency in which you have tinnitus, we mask that unique tinnitus frequency with the notch therapy. This is a great way to reverse tonal tinnitus.
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