Financing for hearing aids

Regrettably, most insurance policies don’t pay for hearing aids. This leaves many people with hearing loss with very limited options when they are told that hearing aids cost thousands of dollars. Most of the time, this is the main reason they don’t move forward with the hearing aids even though there are multiple health, brain,Β mental and overall well-being benefits associated with the use of a hearing aids. Often, the price of not getting hearing aids far outstrips the monetary cost.
There are many reasons as to why it may cost more in the long run to not getting hearing aids. In this guide, we will outline the benefits of using hearing aids, as well as highlighting the negative outcomes associated with leaving hearing loss unchecked and unmanaged in the long-term. We will also provide feasible financial options for hearing aids in order to help you ameliorate your hearing loss as soon as possible.

Our Top Hearing Aid Finance Options


Bad, Fair & Good Credit Options

  1. 0% Financing with deferred interest
  2. Fixed payments with reduced APR
  3. No applications fees
  4. Terms up to 60 months
  5. Loan from good to excellent credit


We have integrated Klarna into our very own website for all the hearing aids and services listed on the website – what this means, is that you have the option of an interest-free financial plan (if paid in full within 12 months) or an extended plan over 18 to 36 months depending on the amount loaned. Another advantage of using Klarna through our checkout process is that we handle the processing for you, thereby bypassing the loan process that you would otherwise have to take.

Selecting A Hearing Aid Loan

Fortunately, you don’t have to have thousands of dollars in the bank when you realize you have hearing loss. We have solutions available to finance hearing aids, regardless of your credit situation. Whether your credit history is excellent, fair, or poor, we can match you with a hearing aid financingΒ partner.

With Β a great range ofΒ payment plans for hearing aids, including zero percent interest in short term hearing aid loans same as cash for 6 and 12 months. We can also find longer-term hearing aid payment plan that allow you to break down the cost into affordable instalments that stretch out all the way to 60 months. All of the providers have experience in providing financing for hearing aids and personal loans. Now that you have determined your credit score, you may choose one of four core hearing aids financing solutions that we have sourced specially for you, in order to purchase the hearing aid that you and your loved ones deserve.

Know Your Credit Score

You’ve decided to purchase affordable hearing aids online or in an audiologist’s office to address your hearing loss so you can prevent the downstream issues of communication challenges, social isolation and depression. Although there are several financing options which go towards paying for your hearing aids, these are largely dependent on your credit score.

How To Check Your Credit Score

What is a credit score?

Β A credit score is a figure which rates your credit risk and enables creditors to decide whether or not you are a good candidate for credit. Not only does a credit score play a role in deciding your eligibility for credit; it also determines the terms offered and the interest rate you pay! In other words, a good credit score can actually save you money in the long run as you would be able to qualify for favourable terms for loans on big-ticket items such as housing and education.

Ways to check your credit score

Many Americans are unaware of their credit reports – this can be easily checked at thisΒ link here. Credit reports differ from credit scores, in that the report only shows your bill payment history, current debt and other relevant financial information. Companies and lenders use these figures in your credit report to calculate a credit score which is a figure that lies between 300 and 850 typically (the larger the score, the better). There are multiple scoring algorithms used by different companies to determine your score, and it is impossible to determine your credit score yourself. Your credit score can be obtained in 1 of 4 ways:
1. Check your credit card online dashboard
Major credit card companies like Wells Fargo, Citi, and USAA have begun to provide monthly credit scores as a part of your credit card services
2. Buy your credit score for $1
Counsellors can provide a free credit report
4. CUse a credit score service
Be wary of monthly subscriptions after the β€œfree trial” ends

What can I do about a bad credit score?

You’ve checked your credit score, and it appears to be bad. You still need a financing option for your hearing aids – what are your options?
You can fix it yourself with Experian or you can hire someone else to do it for you.

Fix Your Credit Score Yourself

Experian is a great option if you plan to fix your bad credit score by yourself. Lets face it you can do anything the credit repair people can. Β Experian aims to improve your credit score instantly and in real-time, by including your telephone and utility bill payments into your credit report for free.

Hire Someone To Fix Your Bad Credit

Other options include hiring someone to fix your credit for you. Credit repair ranges from $50 to $300 a month depending on your specific situation. If you want to start with the $50 a month service CreditFirm will analyse your credit report, look for up to 45 individual items to dispute – unverifiable items are deleted and the credit report (and associated score) is updated after a licensed attorney has reviewed it.

Hearing Aid Financing Solutions Depending On Your Situation

Finance Hearing Aids Without An Application

We have integrated Klarna into our very own website for all the hearing aids and services listed on the website – what this means, is that you have the option of an interest-free financial plan Hearing Aids Financing Options(if paid in full within 12 months) or an extended plan over 18 to 36 months depending on the amount loaned. Another advantage of using Klarna through our checkout process is that we handle the processing for you, thereby bypassing the loan process that you would otherwise have to take.

Please see the video to see how easy it is to finance hearing aids without applying or go through the usual process with having to put all your personal information on a application. In the event of a non-approval, there are still 3 other financing solutions available that will approve you, we call it hearing aid financing bad credit options!

Steps To Financing Hearing Aids Through Website Check-Out

If you would like buy hearing aids though our website, you can to easily checkout and finance simultaneously with a click no application needed
1. Go to hearingbenefitservices.comΒ hearing aid shop page
2. Pick a hearing aid or service
3. Click on β€œadd to cart”
4. Click on β€œcheck-out”
5. Fill out shipping information
6. Click on β€œnext step”
7. Click on Klarna
8. Click the monthly financing option you wish ( Monthly or 0% Interest)
9. Click β€œplace order”

Steps To Financing Hearing Aids Outside The Website

Whether you are buying hearing aids through this website, buying on another website, or buying at an audiology office you have hearing aid financing options. Don’t get discouraged if youΒ  did not get approved with your hearing specialist. Here are some options you can take to finance your hearing aids depending on your current situation.

Did Not Get Approved At The Audiologist Office?

If you are coming from a hearing or audiology office and attempted to finance your hearing aids and did not get approved, they probably were using either using Allwell, Wells Fargo or Care Credit. I recommend you using PersonalLoans or Bad Credit Loans for additional hearing aid financing options they did not offer. Once you get approved withΒ  PersonalLoans or Bad Credit Loans then you can go back to the hearing specialist office and get the hearing aids you were shown. Hearing Aids Financing OptionsIf you find the same hearing aids that you saw at the office on the website, there is a huge chance that the hearing aids on this website are drastically lower in price.
Just keep in mind there is a draw backs for saving thousands of dollars on this website. As a hearing specialist myself there is a huge advantage of being there in person with the audiologist, that is the main reason the price for the same exact hearing aid cost a lot more. The hearing specialist or audiologist are adding there cut and also adding the price of their service for the hearing aid fitting which is not cheap.
With us there is no middle man, you get the product directly from the manufacture but you don’t get the special in person attention that will never equate to buying hearing aids online. We do offer hearing aid Telecare where you have a remote online hearing appointment with remote adjusting so you are not there trying to figure out your new hearing aids on your own. If you would like to set up a Telecare hearing aid online appointment with a licensed hearing specialist you can schedule that here

Come From A Different Hearing Aid Website, Did Not Get Approved?

We have more options so you can still buy the hearing aid from our site or another hearing aid website. Depending on your credit score, you may benefit from hearing aid financing options offered by PersonalLoans, Bad Credit Loans or CareCredit.

Each of these financing options have unique features which may benefit you, such as zero-interest plans and extended instalment plans (up to 36 months), depending on your financial solution and needs.

Using the financial solutions we have proposed has never been this easy! Click on your desired financing solution and enter the amount you need in order to purchase your hearing aid. You will be required to enter your legal name, the reason for the hearing aid loan (medical), your registered address, and contact information. Once you have submitted this information online via the secure portal provided by these financiers, an approval process will begin, and you will be notified of the outcome shortly. Here is a short video and steps to show you how easy it is to get approved for hearing aid financing.
3. Fill out your email and information requested
4. Get multiple options on hearing aid financing

Hearing Aid Funding

Not Able To Get Approved For Hearing Aids Anywhere You Apply?

If you have tried all the options above and not able to get hearing aid financing, don’t get discouraged there are still solutions available. This option does not include your credit or your own money. Unfortunately, the money is not as immediate at the other hearing aid loan options.Β  I recommend GoGetFunding where people donate money so you may receive your hearing aids for FREE with out the need for hearing aid financing. GoGetFunding is easy and we will help promote your GoGetFunding page on our Facebook so your posting will get noticed.Β  GoGetFunding works no matter where you are in the world.Β  Don’t know where to start? We will help you make and Β promote it , just email us at or set up appointment here so we can help you get started on your hearing aid funding

Steps To hearing Aid Funding

1. Go to GoGetFunding
2. Sign up
3. Create your page
4. Share on your social networks
5. Share with friends and family
6. Accept donations instantly with credit card and paypal

Hearing Aid Finance You Deserve

There is always an option, and you always have a choice to enhance your overall health. We want you to receive the hearing loss solution that you need and deserve. If you can’t afford to pay anything up front, that’s fine. Solutions are available that require you toΒ pay nothing today, as long as you’re able to make your first payment installment next month which can range from $80 and up depending on which payment plan you choose.
If you have questions about financing hearing aids, we are happy to speak to you. Call usΒ  at 800-346-4112 or schedule an hearing appointment here
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