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Are you a federal employee or federal retiree living in Virginia or in the United States who is struggling with hearing loss? If so, then you may be entitled to hearing aids at zero out of pocket cost to you.


If you have an insurance plan with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Carefirst federal, Aetna Federal, United Healthcare Federal, Optima Health Insurance or GEHA then these plans have been updated to make treating hearing loss for federal employees easier, more affordable, and depending on your hearing loss, most of the time it is free with Hearing Benefit Services.


Hearing Benefit Services provides you with hearing insurance assistance and make it easy from start to finish.
Once we’ve conducted your hearing examination if you are here locally we will fit you with hearing aids and customize them to your lifestyle and hearing loss.Β  If you are living out of state just send in your audiogram and schedule your hearing consultation on the phone or by skype so we may get to know your lifestyle and personalize your hearing aids to your everyday environments.Β  You don’t even need a credit card to secure your high-end name brand quality hearing aids.


Our all-inclusive hearing aid plan for federal employees or federal retirees includes:


βœ”Two FREE brand name Signia or Rexton hearing aids
βœ”Free hearing tests if you live here locally, if you’re out of state we will tell you where you can get a free hearing test
βœ”Personalized programming, adjustments, and fitting in your unique sound environment
βœ”No traveling or waiting


If you’re struggling with impaired hearing and have an insurance plan as a result of federal employment or as a federal retiree, then call us now and schedule your free hearing test without leaving your home.


Leave the hard work to our highly trained licensed hearing specialists who are dedicated to ensuring that you receive the best-customized care possible.


What are you waiting for? Call us now 800-346-4112
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