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According to the Hearing Health Foundation nearly” 50 million are experiencing hearing loss”. Our goal is to provide resources such as a hearing aid consumer guide to help people make the right decisions before and after they buy hearing aids. We are genuinely here to help answer any questions you may have about hearing loss. Hearing loss, if unaided, results in communication difficulties, social isolation, withdrawal and an overall reduced quality of life. In purchasing hearing aids, you have circumvented these challenges by adopting the only clinical intervention for mild to severe hearing loss.


Regrettably, most insurance policies don’t pay for hearing aids. This leaves many people with hearing loss with very limited options when they are told that hearing aids cost thousands of dollars. Most of the time, this is the main reason they don’t move forward with the hearing aids even though there are multiple health, brain, mental and overall well-being benefits associated with the use of a hearing aids. Often, the price of not getting hearing aids far outstrips the monetary cost.



Our Goal:To help you find the best hearing solution based on your hearing loss and budget.

Benefits of FREE hearing appointment

  • Speak to a licensed hearing specialist to ask anything
  • Explain your audiogram so you can understand it
  • Learn how to choose the best hearing device according to your hearing loss, budget and lifestyle
  • Learn how to get hearing aid financing even with bad credit
  • Learn how to get free hearing aid domes



Listen to how hearing aids have improved some of our patients daily lives.


“I like the attention that I get and I generally feel that I am much more in control when I’ve had her teach me how to do it. I highly recommend it!”

Our Mission

Giving you peace of mind.

Our Mission is to be an advocate for people with hearing loss. We believe that hearing is a right and a necessity, and it must not depend on whether you can afford $5,000.

Through our unbundled pricing system, we offer the same Signia devices as other distributors at a drastically reduced cost. Anyone, no matter what income level, should be able to wear the newest high-tech hearing aids.

Types of Hearing Aids We are Offering


Embrace your new hearing with these high-tech features:


  1. The world’s leading rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for an all-day charge in just 3-4 hours
  2. Direct connectivity to smartphones for phone call/audio streaming



What’s Included:

  • 2 Brand new hearing aids
  • Free Programming
  • Follow up hearing aid call
  • 2 Packs of hearing aid batteries
  • 1 Pack of click sleeves with a sample of different sizes
  • 1 Hearing aid case with a cleaning kit
  • 3-year loss and damage warranty


Click Domes

Rexton Smart Connect

Quickly and easily pair with your hearing aids, then pair with your phone and it’s ready to use. 


Rexton-Smart TV transmitter detail

Featured Products

Top-Rated demanding products


   I like the attention that I get and I generally feel that I am much more in control when I’ve had her teach me how to do it.    


   I used to have say ‘What did you say?’ I don’t have to say that anymore, and I am so happy!    

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